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The Surroundings

What we offer

Sanchaba yellow apartments is a modern well built building which  adhired with the standards  approved building office of the Gambia. 
Its having a 4 family and large group size of apartments consisting of 2 upper storeys and 2 ground floor apartments. 
Its having a 900sq meter garden which comprised of well carpeted grass,flowers and  a variety of fruiting plants especially mangoes at different varieties.You can't afford to miss the existing chant of over 35 different species birds that sings every morning close to your window.
Sanchaba yellow apartments is unique in its setting provided that,it helps to understand a better way of our African life for it's in the middle of a natural neighbourhood. 
Over looking the streets, the upper balconies of the Red and Blue suits will give you a claims of the last rush of the indigenous to and from the market which is just a 5 minutes walk from the apartments.
Children playing football down the street and other African games will give you the indulge to relax back and see the sun setting in the horizons. 
Being a walking distance of only 1.3 km from the beaches and the most famous senegambia strip where there is a host of restaurants and others to facilitate your needs.
If you not wanting to ho that far,there series of local restaurants and bars where the locals meet and have fun of which can be another socialisation points to meet and make new friends.
We offer tailor made tours in the country and nearby interest sites.We can also help in car hire and offer you meals upon your request for can organise a cook for you who will serve you with the nutritious and mouth watering Gambian and continental dishes.
At sanchaba yellow apartments we are also open to new initiatives either from our guests and agents .

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