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Welcome to

Sanchaba Yellow Apartments

A Home you love it

Experience an unforgettable holiday in the heart of the Gambia!




Sanchaba yellow apartments is unique in its setting provided that,it helps to understand a better way of our African life for it's in the middle of a natural neighbourhood.



We offer tailor-made tours in the country and nearby interest sites. We can also help in car hire and offer you meals upon your request for can organize a cook for you who will serve you with the nutritious and mouth-watering Gambian and continental dishes.


About Us 

Sanchaba yellow apartments is one of the best and well known lodging apartments in the country.We do both long and short term lodging and with a long time experience in the hospitality industry in the Gambia to all categories of holiday makers.This includes,professionals,firms and corporate bodies.We are unique for we are operating in and from  the heart of the country bordering kololi and sanchaba.We are in a very local area which allows our guest to have a first hand Gambian live experience away from the animated resorts.We provide you with the access to Real Daily activities of Gambians especially when we are not far from the market and taxi ranks to make movements easy and cheap.
With comfort from our houses and lodging,we welcome you with a genuine smile and open arms

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